About Us


I have always loved the smell of a scented candle and found them to be perfect for cosy indoor days and relaxing evenings.


Working from home may be the norm for now, but stay optimistic with experience during your office days at home, after all, candles are believed to help concentration, whilst the beautiful aromas keep you feeling opulent.

When I founded Bynoth & Fowler, I wanted my scented candles to captivate the senses that enhanced space with a luxury fragrance that comes from carefully handpicked luxury jars that look stylish and beautiful in any home that would complement any décor.

My 100% soy candles are made to order and hand-poured individually using quality vegan-friendly Soy Wax including a cotton wick that ensures an excellent burn profile and enhanced with carefully sourced fragrances creating beautiful aromas to freshen up any mood and to use all year round.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.