#How To Start a Candle Business

Start up scented candle business in a saturated market place may feel daunting and yes you are right, it certainly is. Lets take a look why. You google scented candles in the search box and guess what, there are hundreds of candle companies offering an array of #scentedcandles.

When I started #bynothandfowlerscentedcandles, I soon realised there were a lot of #scentedcandlebusinesses selling candles. Yet the more I looked at various sites and what was on offer, I saw a gap in the market. Everyone was offering the same thing, either candles in clear jars, or candles in tins. What struck me the most was the price tags that went with these products. Paying £30 - £40 for #scentedcandlejars seemed a little pricy, the same could be said about the scented candles in a tin, again price tags anywhere from £10 - £60.

This is where I saw a gap in the marketplace and launched my own #geojarscentedcandle but to me they looked more like #luxuryscentedcandles purely because of the jars I would use.

Sourcing good products such as #100%soywax, wicks and everything else you need to start a candle business was a mine field and a little trial an error on what worked best for me.

As soon as I hand-poured my first #geoscentedcandle, I was very proud at the end result and as soon as I marketed them under #bynothandfowlerscentedcandles, sales took off and orders came flooding in and my business was off the ground.

#startingacandlebusiness is not as easy at it seems though and I will explain more in future blogs.

If you are looking to leap into a candle business, get in touch.

Future posts to come:-

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